Personal Financial Builder for Personal Users


Personal Financial Builder is an easy-to-use personal financial money management software that can be used by anyone to control and improve their finances with the main purpose of reducing their debts and paying them faster.

PFB will advise what debt to pay first to save tons of money on interest and pay your debts faster based on a variable monthly budget (your real-life budget).

Furthermore it will remind you on due dates to avoid costly late charges and to improve your credit score at the same time.

PFB has an integrated Budget Center where you can see, at a glance, how far are expense ratios from the ideal one so you can make the necessary corrections.

All these areas are linked to a database are to manage all your creditors with ease, follow up with them and have your financial information handy when the need arises. From insurance agents to mortgages, everything can be in control and at your fingertip, any time you want.

Personal Financial Builder - Main Screen

From the Main Screen you have access to all the areas of the program

Credit Card & Debt Reduction Analyzer

In this area you can control all the aspects of your debts, most importantly by entering your monthly budget the program will tell you how much to pay for each debt to maximize your money and pay your debts in the shortest time and paying the least possible.

Debt Entry Wizard

You can use the Wizard to enter all your debts with ease.

Bank and Check System

With The Bank and Check System you can control all your Bank accounts, Credit Card accounts, Loans, etc. Also, you can print check to pay, blank checks and check drafts, which are checks from others that you print in your computer and can deposit into your bank account without the payor's signature.

The Budget Center

The budget Center helps you understand where your money goes and to determine what is your net surplus that can be used to reduce dramatically your debts when apply properly.

Loan Amortization Center

In The Loan Amortization Center you can have unlimited loan scenarios to decide which one is more convenient to you. From a simple loan, to accelerated mortgages to very creative loan with multiple terms and interest rates

Knowledge Database

The Knowledge Database comes pre populated with interesting money-related topics, but most importantly, you can add unlimited categories and unlimited topics in each category to enhanced your financial knowledge and have it handy when needed.

Personal Agenda

A full-fledged agenda with multiple calendars to control all your appointments, anniversaries and everything in between. You can have automatic recurrent tasks too.

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